Bon Voyage

This will be my last post for the week from the Sunshine Coast. (My home town) Tomorrow I am going on holiday for my 21st Birthday to the lovely city of Sydney, Australia.

So for a whole week i will be attempting to engage in forums, access emails, tweet and blog from my mobile phone. An interesting challenge, fitting as I undertake EDC3100. What challenges will I face? What will I miss? (im not sure I want to find out :/) I will really be getting involved more so than usual in the 21st century mobile phone craze. Accessing everything from social websites, text and calls to the USQ homepage.

Here is a blog I have recently come across, an older man’s views on young people with phones. He makes some valid points I personally think, but to survive in today’s society I think it has become necessary to have a phone. Depends on your life styles and so on I guess, what do you think?


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