Un Successful Prac

ICT used to enhance students learning. This is something I had to consider when reflecting on my learning experiences.

An unsuccessful learning experience where ICT was not properly integrated was when children had been previously taught about sequencing and were quite confident within their knowledge. Ipads were put out for students to use and a sequencing app was displayed. The students were allocate a cretin period of time to engage within the activity.
The ICT integration was unsuccessful because there were no easy medium or hard levels of sequences, they were all easy and the students found this rotation group quite boring. I then had to ask the student’s questions to talk me through the activity to re engage them. Although it was still easy for them this way they got to display their knowledge and understandings and create a little story.

Prac Successes

ICT’s to enhance students learning. This is something that I had to consider when planning and implementing ICT on my practical experience.

Success I gage as a learning experience where the learning objectives were meet within reason, the experience was engaging and relevant and ICT was used to enhance learning.
The success I achieved I compared to my definition of success. The lessons were well rounded, I got to get out of the class room and plan an investigation, hands on learning, this small group experience then extended into a whole group recap where we viewed the images taken in the projector. The students got to engage with the ICT integration and when we ended with a game.
The second success was lessons 1 and 2 once again I think the well rounded diverse experience made this learning experience a success. By combining different types of learning and ending the learning with a presentation the students had something to be excited and proud of. The lesson ended in deciding to put up the photos and descriptions as well as a photo copy of the book on display on the wall. There was a great amount of positive feedback not only from the students but the parents too.

Prac ICT in the Classroom!

After prac I have learnt a lot from my mentors about using ICT in the classroom. First I had to consider what ICT resources I had available. I considered what I learnt and resources I used when I was in school and what is available within the classroom.
I had to consider the resources and how they are used. What the skills the students have and ability to not only manipulate the device and have enough understanding to then learn and extend their knowledge and understanding through learning experience.

I recently read a case study on ICT, Constructivist Teaching and 21st Century Learning, I found it quite interesting and relevant to 21st century learning.

Prac Tomorrow :)

So prac is tomorrow! I am so excited yet scared. I have learnt a lot throughout my ICT studies and feel prepared. I can head into my prac school tomorrow and feel prepared. I have learnt a lot of suggestions for ideas and resources and am excited to give it a go! I look forward to planning and implementing my ideas and lesson plans with my mentor and observe them plan and work.

Grace 🙂

Creativity in the Classroom

I have been developing ideas on creativity in the classroom. And trying to develop new ways to be creative in relation to the lesson plans needed for practical experience and assessment 3. I love play based fun, exploring learning experiences. Through play music and creativity I love to learn and grow with the children.

I stumbled across a website full or creative lesson plans for a variety of learning areas and thought I would share it. Also I was reading Sue’s blog post (Fellow ITC Student) about creativity and her passion for music and the ability to learn about the history of music with ICT. Tying in a creative learning experience and ICT to aid the development of a particular learning area.
Grace 

Week 11 Intergrading ICT on Prac!

Before heading off to prac I need to make sure that the resources I am integrating into the lesson plans are age appropriate so I have done dome research and checked out some videos explaining how children learn about ipads and other technology resources.

Another thing I recently thought of was the fact that through these resources children are exposed to a lot of stuff both positive and negative. And as well as how to use these resources I will also need to talk about safety when using technology both for the devices and the content.


Learning Through Others

Recently at work (Childcare centre, preschool room) fellow educators and i have been discussing learning types to develop and reflect on learning strategies for the children.

I was sitting at home thinking about this and applied it to myself and my learning. I did some research and the learning type that I best work with is learning through others and hands on learning. I can engage better in an activity if it is in a social setting. AKA with peers so I got online and had a read around about ict in the classroom and came across a blog related directly to this I had a read and there are some great examples and ict resources so I thought I would share it with you all, here.


Hello Martha!

This week i have engaged in learning about a 9 year old Martha who takes photos of her school lunch and blogges about it. Giving each meal a rating in several different catagories.

I think what she has done is great she is spreading her message and it seems to have made in impact. She had got alot of attention from parents and even world famous cooks. Here is her first photo blog. HERE

Martha has great skills for her age. She has reflected on the situation and decided she wanted to share her story, and that exactly what she has done.


Building My Prac Folder

Not long until prac now. Focusing on developing some ideas to include into my classroom incorporating technology. I have been emailing my mentor and learned that there is little ICT devices available. There is one computer in the class room, ipads available, and a projector.

Lucky ipads are widely available and heavily stocked with different types of apps for almost anything!

Ipad app ideas.

This week our learning is focusing on generating ideas involved with our selected topic of interest.

Grace 🙂

Getting Ready For Prac!

I have contacted my mentor Carolyn with some questions to prepare myself for prac, so that I can jump right in. I have begun research for some ideas of important elements to include and base my learning experiences.
My learning context is the early childhood I have begun to research some creative ways to incorporate natural environments and ICT while maintaining an engaging environment.